Mediawhiz Acquire Text Link Ads

Excerpt from a mail this afternoon…

Text Link Ads Inc will be joining forces with MediaWhiz. This will bring some exciting changes to our platform. Here is how this will benefit you in the coming months…

Publishers: by leveraging MediaWhiz’s agency relationships and sales staff we will be able to sell more ad space on your website. We also will be adding the ability to monetize your website in new ways including: CPA offers and CPM display advertising.

Advertisers: TLA will be working with MediaWhiz to offer new ways to drive traffic and sales to your website including: email marketing, CPA offers, CPM display ads and more!

Nice one, another good webservice gets bought up!

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  1. Pavlos November 8, 2006 at 12:06 am

    I am hopeful both TLA and MediaWhiz will benefit from this acquisition – as well as TLA’s publishers and advertisers. I know there’s too many acquisitions out there that go bad, and it does start to seem like Big Fish eats Small Fish, but I think Wikipedia’s definition on “Mutualism” is best suited to this case.

    “In biology, mutualism is an interaction between two or more species where both species derive benefit.”

    Now if this principle could be applied to business as well, a “buy up” might not be such a bad thing.

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