Paying Bills Online Made Too Easy

Last week I switched over to a postpay option through O2, picking myself up a Sony Ericsson K800 (very snazzy I might add, nice little RSS reader built in) but when I logged into the O2 site this morning I saw my bill had arrived already. Now, I’ve only had the phone around a week but was alerted to the fact that I’d be inserted into the next billing cycle, which happened to be the 8th of the month. I’m not in a gripe that the first bill was issued only a week after using the phone, but more a little curious as to how EASY it was to pay the bill.

A little too easy.

I’ve got a love hate relationship with the O2 website, especially since their changeover to the new version of the site. Logging in to check your account can be an absolute nightmare at the best of times but I reckon if someone got into your account then you could be looking at a nightmare yourself.

When I had the speakeasy option (which I’ve been using since my days in the secondary school) I used to top up at the pass machine or in the shop. Only a few weeks ago I made the move to register my credit card to top up the phone online, made sense, and I could use the online banking to put the money back on the credit card straight away.

But why O2, why do you make it so easy to do! Once you get past your username and password there is no more security. No random question, no asking for your DOB or few digits of your mobile number. I went online, saw the bill needed paying and pretty much within three clicks (to see the bill, click continue and click pay) the bill was paid and my credit card charged. I’m all for having things made easy online but does anyone feel thats a little TOO easy, in particular when your credit card details are already stored on the site? Could they not even ask you to reconfirm your password at that stage, just in case?

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