Bus Eireann Making Web Users Sick?

Might not make everyone sick but dear God in heaven – why did you remove the old website and replace it with THAT?

I’ve seen bad websites in my time but this is really taking the piss! What was so wrong with the old website, that was actually usable and in keeping with the likes of IrishRail.ie and DublinBus.ie (which uses the same model-ish that the old Bus Éireann site used to use).

And why change just the homepage to a ridiculous layout and keep all the older existing menus and pages the same? Surely you want to attract people to use the site and surely there’s a nicer way to organise things? Hell, we had a great girl in here on work experience for a week who lashed together a nice website for herself in two days…

Would you consider changing it back?

Cheers Michele.


  1. Sean November 15, 2006 at 4:13 pm

    Actually I ATTEMPTED to find times of bus’s yesterday night and failed. Its impossible to use. I would give it the least usable site and it is World Usability Day!

  2. Pavlos November 15, 2006 at 11:26 pm

    I don’t know about how user friendly it is… but… that is one ugly site! Like – it might have been a cool personal homepage design back in the 90’s GeoCities, but wtf is wrong with them? Was it a school project for 1st graders?

    And did you notice the blurry eye icon on the link to the vision impaired version? A graphic link, and no alternate text, like how is an audio browser going to pick up on that for instance… And even the name of the file it links to wouldn’t be giving out any clues… “vip_index.html”? So, they got a VIP version for the stars and such…

    OK, enough, pheeew 😀

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