Blogging Through Comments (Bad Blogging)

When I heard that local soccer outfit Evergreen had started blogging I thought it was a great idea. Nice to see a club up and running online, the perfect way to keep everyone up to date with developments, games, results and match reports. But no.

They launched the blog in August of this year and they’ve kept it up to date since then, game scores, draw results, club news – but all through comments.

Every single update has been made as a comment on the original post (now totalling 164 comments). While the information is there, it is in no way shape or form reasonably managed or displayed and serves no real purpose for people looking for club news.

For over a year now items such as fixtures, results, goalscorers, venues, whats new, fund-raising efforts, birthdays, weddings , training schdules, meeting notices, rumours, criticism and much more have been added.

If they’re using Blogger and they’ve been pointed in the direction of blogging, why not just adhere to simple blogging ideas like making actual blog posts instead of posting comments? Plus, why not pick a slightly better user name for the blogger account… foreverandever1? Hmm…..


  1. keith bohanna November 24, 2006 at 6:21 am

    I would suspect they are trying for the website format within a blog so they want the original post to headline and the rest is. Well it’s in the comments!


  2. MARTIN August 23, 2007 at 6:53 pm

    Hi ken/keith

    I am a member of Evergreen FC. The blog is a second attempt to go online and can be a very active message board but its very “clicky”. Our e-shortcomings are due to lack of technical knowledge and poor internal communications. this season i am going to give it a third go. I know Keith personally a his son plays with EFC and I will be calling him to get some help etc. Ken if you are based in KK maybe you might get involved to help us plan a structure & operational format.
    I can be contacted at

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