An Xbox 360 Pour Moi

Decided to treat myself today with the last big expense of the year and the last big expense in quite a while, picking up an Xbox 360 complete with wireless controller, hard drive, headset and a copy of Pro Evo 6. Gamestop had a handy offer on, if you traded in an original xbox and a few old games you would get the pro bundle for 299 – mine finished out at 280 for the lot and its now humming away in the corner of the room. Really like the way you can turn the console on straight from the joypad – no more getting up out of the bed to switch it off after watching a DVD!

Xbox 360What I can’t get over is the price of things. Xtravision, bless their hearts, had games going from 50 – 75 Euro while Gamestop were roughly the same. My quest for the day was to pick up a copy of Dead Rising (video link) alas nowhere in Kilkenny or Carlow, video shop or game shop, has the thing in stock. Nevertheless, I’m a patient man, so why pay 75 quid for it in town when you can order it off for 37 Euro?

I sure as hell know where I’ll be shopping for games anyway…

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