Looking At The iPhone

So today has been a day of some serious announcements for Steve Jobs and Apple, in particular the often-rumoured-never-realised iPhone – which has been made official. The little beauty (pictured below) will run OS X, integrates completely with iTunes, iCal and any other iApplication that the Mac can throw at it.

While the MacWorld expo goes on in San Francisco, The Unofficial Apple Weblog has some good pics and stats on the iPhone. There are some interesting points to note – especially the wifi availability along with the usual bluetooth / gsm / edge etc. Looks like its just Cingular network bound, no mention of sim-free purchase option yet. As for prices you’ll be looking at $499 for the 4GB model, subject to a minimum contract conditions set by the network.

Update: Its going to be shipping from June with Apple looking to shift 10m units by the end of 2008. Not a bad goal…

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