Get Yourself To Bar Camp In Waterford

Time to flood the blog o’sphere in relation to Bar Camp South East happening in Waterford on January 20th. Not long to go to it now and with a dinner the night before, coupled with a planned lunch on the date and free WiFi access now confirmed on the day it should be an interesting event.

In fairness, this could also apply to anyone from the college who’s still reading my blog, in particular given that some of us know there’s some Ruby projects on the go for final year students this year. If something like this had been around when we were wrapping up college two years ago as well I know I would have been there. Above all else you’ll get to meet some new people and learn a few new things.

Take a look at the wiki if you’re driving, so far there’s the chance of a lift from Galway and Cork on the cards. If you think you can bring anyone down with you or you’re looking for a lift just make a post. There’s also been a change to the time with the event now extended out to 16:45 with a 10am start.

Time – CHANGE – 10.00 to 16.45 – we are going to run speakers in 45 minute slots to allow for good discussion and Q&A sessions afterwards. 4 rooms will be available so a 10am start gives us 28 slots and also the possibility to stretch at the end. We will schedule talks to try and avoid simultaneous runs of similiar topics

So far there’s 67 people down to attend with 23 of those people going to be giving talks on the day as well so there’ll either be some really intimate sessions on the day or you’ll just have to bring a friend to bump up the numbers. I know I’m looking forward to a few talks in particular, including Donncha O’Caoimh’s talk on WordPress MU along with other talks on Starting A Web 2.0 Business In Ireland (Jan Blanchard) amongst others. Credit to people talking, there’s some really nice titles up for discussions on the day.

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