Thinking About Photoblogging?

One of my new years resoultions has been to start pumping my photography out to the web. I’ve got cds, dvds and two machines currently sharing my photo load (with over 20,000 images) at home and I’ve vowed to make 2007 a year where I can actually concentrate on getting more of my personal work online. DeviantART was great and was a good means to keep me publishing but I decided to haul out of there and relaunch the photoblog last September.

So while September and October were good months, November seriously lacked due to so many other commitments and I’ll likely backdate some images for December (that were actually taken during December) to make up for a total post count of 0 for that month. And though there hasn’t been any activity, thus far I’ve managed to spend some time physically planning the presentation and workings of the photoblog before lashing anything up this time.

While I will stick to using WordPress as the main engine to drive the blog, WordPress isn’t for everyone. So if you’re considering starting a photoblog, take a look at this wiki entry from which lists photoblog scripts and software. It will certainly give you food for thought and a nice list of alternatives to WordPress.

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