WordPress Upgrade Fairly Painless

Pretty painless upgrade to WordPress 2.1. Started the ball rolling about 9:10 and its done as of now (bulk of it was me backing up EVERYTHING from the server, including the DB, something I should have done long ago).

Initial impressions seem fine, few changes to the backend including the way the links are worked. Had to make a template tweak or two in order to display the links by category again ( get_links_list() bundles them all together, drop in ‘id’ – get_links_list(‘id’) and you’re laughing). Hopefully it will speed things up a little bit while browsing and posting.

Also added the ‘Snap Preview Anywhere‘ plugin to the theme – think its nice to get a view of sites you’re being linked off to, spread the love and all that craic. Register on the site for your key, download and install the plugin, enter said key and away you go.

Update: Triple post due to Internal 500 error…. have to check about that. Also manage area isn’t displaying any posts…. again, gotta check that out, likely the upload.
Update 2: Above problems fix…. also replaced out Ultimate Tag Warrior to the latest version, seemed to help.
Update 3: Think I was wrong about that…. could be a project for lunch time!


  1. keith bohanna January 23, 2007 at 1:58 pm

    Hath you killeth helpyourself.ie with this little lunchtime dabble of yours?!


  2. Ken McGuire January 23, 2007 at 3:42 pm

    Nein good sir, I have nay seen or touched helpyourself.ie…. The mind doth boggle as to its absence but I’m on to it…

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