Is Online Poker Popular Amongst Irish Bloggers?

Don’t be afraid now…. are you a blogger who plays online poker? You know, the Paddy Power kind or Full Tilt kind? One thing that I haven’t seen coming across any blogs that I read on a daily basis is the mention of online poker. Now, either some people don’t tell others that they’re playing or some people would rather keep that kind of information to themselves or Irish bloggers just plain don’t play online poker.

Now, I’m not much of a poker player, I rather keep my money firmly in my pocket or in the bank where I at least know that the money is still mine. Sure enough, if you’re any way good at cards you can win a few pennies for yourself but I’d rather play it for the laugh.

Now, there’s only so much you can take before you have to try your hand at online poker. All I hear day in, day out from one source or another (namely around work) is poker, poker, poker. “Won a fortune”, “cleanened such and such a person out”, “almost had it”, “head is wrecked”, kickers, trips, hot flushes, cold flushes – whatever. When I say there’s only so much you can take, that pretty much translates into me saying I tried online poker for the first time on Thursday.

I got into a play money game and it was obvious from the outset than nobody gave a rats ass, everyone firing all their chips off in one go. Not being familiar with the on screen options I suddenly found myself out of the game, ticking the wrong option for playing the hand. The second game however, beginners luck or whatever you might call it I went on to win. Only thing is, it took the guts of about 90 minutes to get that far, maybe a bit longer. Seen as poker is one of those games where you’ve got to be paying attention to what goes on around you, I reckon that if you’re into a game you don’t have much time for anything else – that includes blogging.

Now, I also know people who will spend hours online in the evening playing poker, as it happens none of them are really bloggers. People who run poker blogs don’t count either. But I know that if I got into online poker seriously there would be no time at all for blogging.

So I ask, is online poker popular with Irish bloggers? And don’t be afraid to admit it either, its a genuine question. Whether you’re in it for play money or you’re in it to win it. For something that is so popular through the online world, I read little about it through blogs – or is it something that just isn’t worth blogging?


  1. James Corbett February 3, 2007 at 10:00 am

    I haven’t actually played online poker yet Ken but boy have I been bitten by the Texas hold’em poker bug. I wrote a post a few weeks back about how much I’m enjoying watching poker on Joost…. in fact that’s all I ever watch on Joost! I only started playing a few months back but love can’t get enough of it now usually playing a game with friends on Sunday.

    My brother has just dabbled in online poker but he thought it lacked the fun element because you can’t see the other people’s faces or engage in banter, etc. I must give it a go….

  2. Sinéad February 5, 2007 at 11:00 am

    I know a woman – not a blogger, but a web person – who routinely wins and loses thousands every week. At one point she was using various credit cards until Paddy Power clamped down on her!

    Apparently legendary music producer Steve Albini is a HUGE online poker addict and even runs his own online poker ring.

  3. Ken McGuire February 5, 2007 at 11:11 am

    Steve Albini eh? I guess when you’ve got the money to fund it sure why not! Crazy the patterns that people get into – thousands a week us just ridiculous though, especially if you have to lose a few grand to win a few grand!

  4. John February 5, 2007 at 11:15 pm

    Ha, have to say now I’m really enjoying learning how to play online. Coonan’s fault of course but it really is a great game. Not going near the money side of it though.

    I agree that it does take quite a bit of time, had to force myself to stay away from it tonight so I can get some stuff done on my own blog.

    Anywho…strange how there are no poker ads on this page yet.

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