Broadband For Over 70s?

Question: is there a free broadband package in Ireland for people over 70 i.e. those who already qualify for free line rental and a certain amount of free calls. If there isn’t, is there a discounted package availability?

Reason being is that my grandfather (over 70) is a daily internet user, still sits on various boards and is involved in various groups (there is no such thing as pure retirement in this country) so needs regular use of email, sends a good bit of photographs to family far and wide etc. While he would love the speed of broadband, the various costs are off-putting. He’s not going to be a massive broadband user who needs to crawl for videos, download torrents, share gigabyte files etc – just someone who wants to do things faster and more efficiently.

While dialup is still of use to him I know broadband access in the house (which is readily available all around him) would be a more ideal scenario. So I ask, are there any special deals available from any broadband provider for people aged over 70?


  1. Ken McGuire February 7, 2007 at 12:16 pm

    He he… no, not at all. There just happens to be another older citzen in the country who is also a daily web user!

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