Well, That Was Some Craic (Irish Blog Awards)


Back to the grindstone after the weekend away in Dublinia, gotta say – some craic.I caught Bernie’s post last night on ‘whats the craic’ and there was certainly more than a few pints had in the local! Sure, we didn’t win Best Music, and muchos congratulations to Niall for doing so but I think Ross summed it up really well for the four of us at KilkennyMusic.com when he said

Tonight is the first time in a year and a half that the four of us are actually out together not working. A year and a half of working our asses off for free and we’re finally gonna get pissed together and just relax.

…and we certainly took care of both of those.

Serious congratulations due to all who scored awards on the night, tip of the hat to the girls from Beaut.ie, if the awards show had gone on any longer it is quite possible they would have just kept on winning. Major kudos goes to Mr. Damien Mulley though and there’s nobody in the room who could have complained when Bernie handed his ‘Best Contribution’ award over to Damien.

Got to catch up with a few people, had a few words with Phil, Ronan, Niall, Bernie (never did that elevator podcast and I hope I didn’t ramble incoherently about FeedBurner for you!), Will (thanks for the tip and sorry didn’t chat longer, or even properly introduce myself – shame on me), good yarn with Keith about the highs and lows of Vista and the fact that I still haven’t posted my iPAQ 6515 review (have a place in mind for that one) but overall it was just a brilliant night for the four of us to unwind, gather a bit of feedback, and drink way too much beer.

We skipped out of the show shortly after the close of the awards ceremony itself and made tracks for The Lower Deck in Portobello to catch a few bands who had played with KilkennyMusic.com over the past year or so but the KKM blog itself is going to pick that post up from here.

Again, thanks to everyone who was there, everyone who I spoke to, all the winners, all the nominees, the organisers, the Alexander Hotel, the Mount Herbert Hotel and that poor taxi driver who took us from Camden Street back to the hotel, one lunatic in particular singing “To the left, to the left” all the way home at the top of his voice….

We’ll be back in force next year 🙂

PS: Only realised now that I’ve still got that ‘I’m blogging this’ badge glued to my hat…. I’m also going to get some pics up on Flickr today and see what I can salvage that can actually be displayed online without us winding up in court for some reason.

Update: PAUL!!!! Still gonna hold you to that pint, my fault for not seeking it out earlier in the night and getting a chat with you before we left!


  1. Paul Browne - TIPE March 5, 2007 at 9:38 am


    I was jokingly going to send a can of Heino in the post (I’ve plenty of spare bubble wrap!).

    I thought I’d recognize you straight off , but despite hanging around the bar for most of the night (easier to talk to people there!) , no luck. I was asking a couple of people to describe you, the most commonly used words were ‘cool’ , ‘trendy’ and ‘well dressed’.

    Obviously my idea of ‘cool’, ‘trendy’ and ‘well dressed’ is well off the pace 🙂 What’s the next event that you’re at?


  2. Tom Raftery March 5, 2007 at 9:50 am

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet either Ken (I was helping Paul hold up the bar) – hopefully at EduCamp or BarCamp Dublin…

  3. Ken McGuire March 5, 2007 at 10:00 am

    Heineken in the post? Think i’d just piss myself laughing at the sight of that coming in the door! Ah if I could have been there earlier it could have made for more chat opportunities!

    I should have stopped (Tom) to say hello, rushed past you in the door to the bar on one of my drink-runs, didn’t think I’d be out of the place as early but there you go!

    As for the next event, I think we’ve got a gig on April 21st (the Saturday for BarCamp) but I’ll see what the story is there, would like to get it again, really enjoyed Waterford.

    And as for ‘cool’, ‘trendy’ and ‘well dressed’ I’m gonna have to have a word with those Mafiosa who nicked my award. Tip for the next event – look for the guy in the beanie hat 🙂

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