Is Adsense Wasted On Irish Blogs?

Is there anyone in the Irish blogosphere who is making a healthy revenue from AdSense? And by healthy revenue I mean at least three figures a month. I know of one such individual who happened to mention his Adsense revenue at the last Bar Camp in Waterford but beyond that, is anyone else happy with their Adsense revenue stream?


  1. James Corbett March 29, 2007 at 9:27 am

    Interesting quetsion Ken. I’m little more than half way there myself and tried using Robin Blandford’s ByteSense tool to predict when I might break the 3 figure milestone but I’m not sure if it’s working correctly at the moment. I emailed him and suggested he also add a feature whereby you could input a figure for earnings per month and have the guesstimation function tell you when you’d get there.

    BTW, I think (but could be mistaken) that Bernie Goldback is also at the 3 figure level.

  2. Robin Blandford March 29, 2007 at 9:44 am

    Hi guys – yes…

    #1 – I found out last night Google have modified their CSV export so ByteSense now thinks the monthly total (which they stupidly include in the CSV) is the last day of earnings – so you get a massive spike at the end of the reading throwing everything way off. This total has no date, hence the date prediction errors and outputs the date linux epoch date ’71 (1971). I will fix it by the weekend if all is well. Apologies.

    #2 – James – entering a figure is a great idea. My next move is to allow you to have an account too – that lets you save key dates – then it’ll plot them onto the graphs every time you upload a file. e.g. “moved banner higher”, “launched new site”, “got link from big site”

    #2 – 3 figures, yes I broke the $200+ a month a long time ago. But that’s not my blogs powering all that – it’s the findMeA’s doing most of the grunt work.

  3. walter March 29, 2007 at 11:04 am

    3 figures a month is not healthy revenue (I hope I made that point at barcamp waterford 🙂 generates about $600 / month in adsense “revenue”.
    of the $600 , $160 is spent on hosting so it’s $440 month. The point I made at barcamp was that you have to have HUGE traffic to adopt an advertising-based revenue model.
    Look at it this way…
    Even if traffic grew to 1M unique visitors (not page-views) per month (currently it’s 100,000) I’d still only be making about $72,000 USD (54K Euro) per annum. It’s not a business.
    It’s taken me a year to grow traffic ten-fold. If traffic grew another tenfold this year and the next then I’d be happy, but that’s a big IF. It would be nice if it happened but I’m not counting on it.

  4. Robin Blandford March 29, 2007 at 11:43 am

    Agreed – Adsense is purely a nice little earner on the side to cover costs for me. It allows me to fund what I do in my spare time.

  5. Ken McGuire March 29, 2007 at 12:45 pm

    Ah I’d never rely on it in a business sense, certainly in your case Walter. I’m thinking more along the lines of blogging in general. If you were blogging for personal gain as opposed to the business, or making 600 bucks a month (before hosting costs etc) on a personal blog it would be something. Traffic is certainly a massive factor, especially if you consider that 100,000 uniques generates $600 in

    Robin, have to say, I do like the tool. Reckon it would take me years to generate anything decent out of Adsense but a lot of that comes down (I think, on my part) to not working it well enough through the blogs.

    Personally, in terms of advertising revenue, Text Link Ads works a hell of a lot better for me, I reckon its about 2 months off breaking the 3 figure mark a month, Adsense trailing much further behind it.

    Is anyone actually relying on Adsense as a source of income (whether for hosting costs or otherwise) or more in agreement with Robin as a ‘nice little earner on the side’ – leave it there and let it work away, if it makes money, so be it….

    Been toying with AdBrite as well for the last month. I calculated that to get my first $25 paycheck its going to take me 34 years…

  6. Phil March 29, 2007 at 11:36 pm

    This is something I have been thinking about lately. Its next on my list of things to do to the site. Gotta learn how to integrate some ads in.

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