Bagged Me Flickr Pro Account

With a few hours time on my hands at the weekend, I’ve finally splashed for the Flickr Pro account. At US$24.95 it seems like a fine price but why, Flickr, why don’t you print photos for Ireland eh? Mind you, I did make use of that Photobox offer this week and bagged myself 58 prints that should be due today or Monday (I’m guessing).

In fairness though it’s bloody high time I organised my photos, or at least have them online (those that do and don’t make the photoblog) to have them shared with the family and friends. I’ve had the Flickr account since college but it has only been the last six months or so that I started to make use of it (somewhere in advance of Barcamp Waterford) but combining that and the Flickr uploader I’ve got on the Mac, I’ve been delighted with the service to date.

All I need do now is sift through the 30,000 odd photos sitting across two machines and see what I can get online….

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