Hey Folks – Enjoy Barcamp Dublin!

The third Irish BarCamp get-together happens tomorrow with BarCamp Dublin taking place in the Digital Exchange in Dublin. Unfortunately I’m not going to able to make it to the big smoke for the weekend, would be nice to see and speak with a few people I’ve yet to meet or physically introduce myself to – sure thats half the fun of the day really, isn’t it?

For all the details, check out BarCampDublin.com and to all those attending and speaking, have a great day tomorrow! Looking forward to catching a few live blog updates and tweets from throughout the day.

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  1. marketinggarden April 22, 2007 at 11:40 pm

    it was really great fun to be there!
    pity you were not able to attend. but the next barcamp will be pretty soon in galway! so see you there 🙂

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