StatCounter Boost Their Freebie Log Size

Looks like StatCounter (tracking all my blogs and other web projects alongside Google Analytics) have boosted the size of their logs on all free accounts from 100 entries up to 500 entries which should make the drilldown a little more interesting on busier blogs – in my case here, &

I’ve been hoping for a while that they’d roll out some of those additional services that have been grayed out for as long as I can remember but the addition of bigger logs is a welcome one.

Via the StatCounter blog (edit: and now subsequent email as I arrive in the office).

We’re very pleased to let you know today that every StatCounter project now comes with a log size of 500 – you guessed it – FREE!

This means that you can now drill down into the detail of the last 500 pageloads on your site. And, of course, you still have LIFETIME summary stats on ALL your visitors. We took the old free log size of 100 and multiplied it by 5 to give you even more info on your visitors. Please note that this increase applies to ALL StatCounter members, and to ALL projects!

You’ll have to go in and do the log updates yourself but the blog post and email have details on how to do it within a few clicks.

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