Sky Box Office Just Too Easy

Purchasing something through Sky Box Office is way too easy.

After what has been a hectic weekend away from the internet (thanks largely in part to working non-stop with The Devious Theatre Company ahead of the show opening this week, coupled with The Guggenheim Grotto appearing with on Saturday) I managed to find some down time last night. Of course, I should have been asleep but there was a few of us who needed some unwinding before stepping into the technical fray tonight in the theatre. As such, I decided all spur-of-the-moment like that it would be a great idea to watch WWE Vengeance on PPV.

Six guys gearing up for a night of wrestling which only started on Sky Box Office at 1am. Thoughts of beer, loud music, roaring and shouting – but no. Winding down was more like popcorn, m&m’s and a load of tea until 4am this morning.

The thing is, ordering on Box Office was way too easy. You press the box office button on your Sky remote, select what you want to watch on PPV and press ‘select’ to order it. Within 3-4 button presses from start to finish you can order what you want. I’m assuming of course that last night’s charge (€21.95) will get tacked on to my direct debit at the end of next month but I am just surprised at how easy it is.

I would have been plenty happy to have to enter a series of codes, magic password, credit card details, something that required some element of security – but no, Sky have just made it WAY too easy for me to do this in the future. Thankfully of course there aren’t any curious PPV folk at home or children crying out for the latest release on Sky Movies but if there was I reckon I’d be in trouble.

The easy process of course made for a great night, the Sky box switched over automatically at 1am and we all settled in for a three hour fest that was more like a ten-year-old’s birthday party. Talk about reliving parts of your lost youth! Yet so enjoyable was last night that we’ve decided to make it a regular thing. There’s not much better than hanging out with great friends for a few hours watching mindless TV – even if it is at four in the morning!

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  1. Sean June 25, 2007 at 6:07 pm

    Yeah.. you can set it so it has a pin Ken! 😉 Ours is! ha ha.. Then again I don’t pay for it so! *Shrug*

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