Intermissions This Week (I’m Away)

The blogging this week is a little stop-start. For those of you reading via RSS and who haven’t seen the note running at the top of or been tracking my tweets from during the week, I’m on stage every night this week with The Devious Theatre Company for our second run of Heart Shaped Vinyl in as many years.

Its been going great so far – the last two nights (public) sold out and tonight’s show is also sold out also leaving some tickets for Saturday’s run. I cut myself off from the internet around 4pm to get down to the theatre. I’ve also taken the mad step of deleting the internet profiles on my phone so I’m not tempted to check in, send emails, all of that kind of thing. Coupled with the RSS diet I started a while back its affording me some nice time to switch off! You’d sometimes forget just how much work there is in running a theatre production!

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