2 Chances For Networking This Week

There’s two free events on this week that should a) educate you and b) give you the chance to catch up with some like minded people and make a few connections.

First up is the next series of the Help Yourself seminars in Carlow which Aidan and Keith are running. The series has been extended of late from Kilkenny into Carlow and until recently the Carlow talks have been looking at internet marketing. This week Keith is taking the lead through a discussion on free software for your business, software that will afford you the same functionality of the bigger mainstream commercial packages but you can avail of for free. There’s a chance for networking pre and post session and the hour long meet in the Carlow County Enterprise Board building (on O’Brien Road) takes place tomorrow (Thursday) at 1pm.

If you’re up for a drive (which I won’t be as I’ll be on the stage with The Devious Theatre Company), Queens University Belfast plays host to BarCamp Belfast, the first of the cross-border BarCamps. I missed the Dublin one courtesy of being tied up with KilkennyMusic.com and certainly won’t be making the Belfast one but if you’re thinking of attending, check out all the details here. The list of attendees looks a bit lower than previous events (Cork, Waterford, Dublin etc), possibly due to the event being held in Belfast and I would assume there’d be a larger northern contingent heading.

Names I do recognise in attendance include John Breslin who is flying up to speak on the “Semantic Web 2.0”, Ina O’Murchu and Derek Organ. I’ve only been to Belfast twice in the last year or so, the first time for a gig and the second to head to the airport (cheaper to drive to and fly from Belfast to Toronto than go to Dublin) but its a nice city, QUB is a great establishment and should make for a good setting for the BarCamp so best of luck to everyone going, enjoy it!


  1. Ken McGuire June 28, 2007 at 9:33 am

    Ah you’re heading? Are you speaking?

  2. Paul Browne June 28, 2007 at 9:57 am

    I’m going – it’s less than an hour and half up the road (or train) for me.

    Speaking , I don’t know; I’m due to do another presentation next Wednesday, may be able to ‘Barcamp-ize’ that and make it interesting.

    Heavy duty stuff (Enterprise Java), need an angle that people want to hear …

  3. Ken McGuire June 28, 2007 at 12:19 pm

    Good stuff. Sure if you’re speaking, best of luck with it. Must get myself to another BarCamp soon enough!

    Enterprise Java and all eh… nicely done!

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