PodCamp Ireland, 21 People And Counting

It might fall the week after BarCamp Galway but so far there’s 20 people signed up to attend PodCamp Ireland which hits Kilkenny on Saturday September 29th. Yes – the very first PodCamp Ireland.

I’m counted amongst the organisers (alongside Krishna De, Bernie Goldbach, Conn Ó Muíneacháin and Brian Greene) of this event and being from Kilkenny I’m delighted to see it taking part in the city.

A near hour long conference call yesterday afternoon between afore mentioned organisers proved quite productive and insightful and if the planning goes, well, to plan, then we’re in for a great day on September 29th. One of the aces in pack already announced is the arrival of Neville Hobson, co-author of ‘How to Do Everything with Podcasting (How to Do Everything)‘ (affiliate link – which is on the way to me via Amazon US) and co-host of the For Immediate Release podcast. Neville will hopefully be spilling the beans on the success of the podcast, book and more so be sure and join us in Kilkenny.

So… with the floor open and seen as this is the VERY FIRST PodCamp Ireland what would you like to see? I’m looking at putting together an element on music (Podsafe music, approaching bands for music etc.) given my work with KilkennyMusic.com. The KKM crew in full will be on hand too on the day to chat about how we got into podcasting and using the podcast to promote a non-profit group working with musicians. But the day is about what YOU would like to see.

Would you like to learn about video podcasting? How to get your videos online, where to store them, how to encode them for the web? Maybe you know the technical details already but you would like some tips on framing your shot or using a video camera for podcasting? How about branding through podcasting? Or seeing how a podcast can help promote your business, create a revenue stream?

How how about learning the fundamentals – Podcasting 101. What equipment do you need? How to record audio to a computer? What the hell is an RSS feed anyway and why do you need one?

Whatever your questions about podcast, you’re likely to find all the answers and more at PodCamp Ireland in Kilkenny on September 29th. If you’re interested, join the 21 names already on the list by adding yours to the PodCamp Ireland wiki. Hope to see you in Kilkenny in September!


  1. John July 26, 2007 at 9:22 am

    Ooh, you may pencil me in for that one bud 🙂

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