YouTube Screening Process To ‘Recognise Infringing Videos’

YouTubeInteresting one this, Google announced over the weekend (or at least I read over the weekend) that they are due to introduce a new screening technology into the YouTube realm which will ‘recognize infringing videos’. Google has been getting it in the neck and everywhere else from Viacom of late in relation to copyright infringement and the uploading by YouTube users of copyright protected video footage to the video sharing website.

“We hope to have the testing completed and technology available by sometime in the Fall,” a Google rep added in an e-mail to Sandoval. “But this is one of the most technologically complicated tasks that we have ever undertaken, and as always with cutting-edge technologies, it’s difficult to forecast specific launch dates.”

The story appeared in the New York Times online edition (via AP) on Saturday morning. While the Google and YouTube family hope that the move to introduce the screening will “hopefully eliminate such disputes in the future” and a lawyer for Viacom states that they would be “very grateful” for the introduction of the technology to eliminate copyright infringing videos appearing on YouTube, I can’t see it do anything to quell the existing lawsuit or actions planned by the likes of Viacom, the Premier League

Note: You won’t find any copyright infringing footage on the YouTube channel (yes, we’ve a long way to go yet…)

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