Audio Response To PodCamp Ireland Announcement

If you’re not following the PodCamp channel on Jaiku, being used by the organisers as a useful back channel around the upcoming event in Kilkenny on September 29th, you might have missed Conn‘s audio response to the announcement of PodCamp Ireland. The comment, recorded by Conn, appears on the For Immediate Release podcast by Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson. Neville will be joining us in Kilkenny on September 29th for the event as well, hopefully talking up the success of the FIR podcast amongst other things!

The clip can be found here on or start playing it below (uploaded to It will give you a good feel for things to expect in Kilkenny at the end of September.

Conn Ó Muíneacháin Speaks On PodCamp Ireland

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