An Interesting Fact About Me

I was ‘memed’ a while back to do something on seven random facts about myself and haven’t yet gotten around to it but I’ve managed to pull one for today. August is turning out to be a crazy month for me and we’re only into the second week. I’m neck-deep in preparations for Cannibal! The Musical which kicks off on August 22nd and this morning received my “pen pic” for the director’s profile which contains an interesting fact, or humourous at least.

Ken doesn’t stop, ever – if he drops below 50mph he’ll explode, however if he ever reaches 88mph he’ll go back in time.

Though Ross is trying to be funny in relation to the pen-pic, he’s also drawing on fact (something he gets on to me a lot about) and I think it’s only when you see it in print that you realise you have to find a way to slip under 50mph from time to time! All that started this weekend with selling my Electric Picnic ticket so at least I’ve got one weekend between August and September when I can do *nothing*.

I reckon while Cannibal! is in the works I’m hovering around the 87.99mph mark but it certainly gets the adrenaline going!


  1. Ken McGuire August 8, 2007 at 9:16 am

    Deadly stuff, cheers redmum, will pass it on to the group. Hard stuff to come by in ready-made bottles!

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