Away Time Equals Thinking Time

Got back to Kilkenny this afternoon (go on the cats!) after spending Friday evening / Saturday / Sunday morning at the family home in Sligo and I have to say, it was great. Even now as I lie flaked out on the bed with the laptop battery showing no life in the status bar, I have to say I feel recharged.

The weekend also gave me time to tinker around a bit more with the Nokia E50 which until now has simply been acting as a way to keep track of Jaiku and Twitter over the weekend, though it turned out to be quiet enough given something of a Twitter outage (or caching issues). I must really get around to printing that review. Which reminds me, I’ve created a separate blog to start storing all my reviews so they’re not going to be appearing here once they start hitting the web.

The trip up on Friday afternoon also gave me some much needed time to get thinking about one or two ventures which need opening up. Having found myself as a passenger instead of driving, I managed four hours on the road sussing out ideas, bouncing them off my brother (who can’t help but laugh and echo everyone else’s sentiments in “as if you’ve not got enough on your plate already”) – but it all helped. A few phone calls need to be made in morning off the back of a good afternoon’s work and testing that I clocked up on Saturday. At least the internet wasn’t around to distract me!

Long and short of it is I’m putting some wheels in motion this week in advance of an upcoming birthday which should make for some interesting developments over the next few years.

I will say one thing though – if you need to recharge your own batteries, drop everything and book a weekend over the west. Head for Sligo! The air is pure, the pints are cheap and the music is out of this world. Hell, I even got roped into the session… Now, I’m ready for another week.

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