Very Welcome In Ireland Very Welcome In Ireland

While there’ll likely by a flurry of blogging activity now that Conn‘s press embargo has well and truly been lifted I’ll throw my two cent into the ring and welcome Conn and Edgecast’s launch of in Ireland.

I’ve only recently gotten to know and speak to Conn (yet to do it face-to-face but that’s what PodCamp is there for!) but everyone involved in the Irish blogging and podcasting scene will know and recognise the quality of work that Conn produces so there’s no reason why shouldn’t be successful.

From the press release…

As a startup in its own right, it’s not surprising that Edgecast Media is attracted to the subjects of technology and entrepreneurship. Company founder, Conn O Muineachain notes that, ‘the current wave of internet business activity has been called “Web 2.0”. The epicentre, as you would expect, is in Silicon Valley, but the impact is worldwide. Internet tools like blogs and social media are fuelling an ideas revolution, and developments in broadband, web and mobile technology are facilitating the growth of small startups in places as diverse as Alaska and West Cork.’

Intruders.TV is itself a global initiative with a local focus. It is a worldwide network of video blogs, each providing an insight to technology and entrepreneurship in their localities. Edgecast Media Ltd holds the Irish franchise for Intruders.TV which already covers UK, France and USA, and is planning to launch in Italy, Spain and Canada by the end of the year. launches with a great video interview featuring Conor O’Neill (Loudervoice / Blognation).

So to Conn for carrying the Irish franchise, once again the very best of luck and here’s to some great new Irish tech videos and interviews coming our way!


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  2. Conn September 11, 2007 at 10:44 am

    Thanks Ken – just catching up with people on this now. Looking forward to Intruding on you at PodCamp! 😉

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