Twitter Downtime Means A Busy Day On Jaiku

A quiet day on Twitter has meant a crazy day on Jaiku in Irish circles. I’ll call it crazy because I’ve got my E50 set up to receive SMS updates from Twitter and Jaiku (in fact the only two phone numbers in the contacts belong to the afore mentioned services). On a normal day, I’d be busy skimming the first line of a mass of texts via twitter – not today. While leaving notifications on I think I’ve deleted my inbox more than once today, at present the phone showing 13 new messages over the last half hour via Jaiku.

Walter and Conor have been particularly busy while talk of rounding people up began, a Twitter exodus looked on the cards. Even Damien Mulley has given into the green side, the first message a little tastier than “Honey, I’m Home”.

With the uptake in Jaiku use today sparking masses of new conversations in all their glorious threaded fashion, as well as having an interface I much prefer, along with the use of channel, ability to sub in a variety of feeds… what “super strength and agility” will Twitter have once it wakes up again today?

Via Twitter @ 6:23pm: “Our scheduled maintenance got off schedule. We’re aware of the problem and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience.”

Will tomorrow be a quiet day on Twitter?


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