Designing, The Next Morning

I’ve developed a habit over the last couple of years of working very late into the night on projects, as a lot of us do, not really knowing when to stop. That or only giving in when you wake up to find your laptop beeping at you and shopping network ads on the TV behind you.

I’ve also got a little thing called the “morning after test”. I used to apply it in college, I apply it in work and I apply at home when tinkering away on designs and web projects. Basically put, if I’m happy when I look at the design first thing in the morning (after a late night’s work) then I’ll run with it – if not, if there’s even a hint of doubt then it’s straight back to zero.

Over the years I’ve seen designs and templates fall by the wayside as a result, some getting shifted on to other projects (when you have that “oh you know where that would look good?” moment) and this morning is no different. After sitting up until 2am last night with the aid of whatever was on Paramount and E4 coupled with a little bit of Robocop on Sky, I’ve ditched the work I pieced together last night.

There has to be no hesitation about this though – you want to achieve the best possible design so if you’re not happy, why proceed with a second-string line of attack! Having just gone past the 9am mark I’m off to town for breakfast, pen and paper in hand in an effort to achieve the design I’m after.

That or I’ll wind up with another one of those “oh you know where that would look good?” moments. Anyone else in the same boat?

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