Gone Pink For October

I might be a few days late with this one but with a few hours down time I’ve thrown together a pink stylesheet for the blog in support of breast cancer awareness for the month of October. More details can be found on PinkForOctober.org.

Jennifer Farley made reference to some pink designs during the week, while Eoghan McCabe has also “gone pink” for the month of October.

I’ve no problems at all in sporting a pink design and I’m happy to do it in raising awareness of breast cancer, knowing as well that it can develop in men as well as women.

Update: Also spotted the iQ Content blog is sporting a pink theme, while Will is going to be posting pink-coloured photos for the remainder of October.


  1. pelf October 6, 2007 at 5:44 am

    I am so glad to see another blogger participating in the Breast Cancer Awareness month! 🙂

    Besides going pink, I will also try to create and spread the awareness on breast cancer throughout the month, beginning with a post with a little introduction in breast cancer.

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