Creative Camp For Kilkenny (And It’s In A Castle)

As Keith outlined earlier in the week, we’re set for Creative Camp in Kilkenny on Saturday March 8th. Formerly trading as Bar Camp South East, we’ve a bit of work to do yet in terms of the brand, URLs etc (I’m keen to try out the previously suggested barcamp subdomain idea and get the ball rolling there) but we’ve got a lock on March 8th with the venue set to be the ‘creatively inspiring’ Parade Tower at Kilkenny Castle.

I’ve been going back and forth with Keith and Tom (Corcoran, WIT) over the last few weeks and we’re looking at locking down the theme for the day, interweaving the traditional BarCamp elements of technology and business with the creative flair so ripe in Kilkenny.

Some good feedback came out of the inaugural PodCamp, held here in Kilkenny at the end of September which we hope to carry forward to Creative Camp. While three of us have been in discussion organising sponsors, caterers, the venue and theme, don’t hesitate to have your say or get involved in the day! Drop one of us a shout (knowing I’ve already had a great chat with Bernie and Keith has been speaking to others).

I’m looking forward to the fact that it’s in the Parade Tower. I know the venue quite well (having been involved with another event held there only last week). The main room would sit 120 quite comfortably, has it’s own bar area, full sound booth, several in-house wireless microphones and one seriously large projector. Several breakout / boardrooms are also available, all in keeping with the original decor of the castle itself.

The castle itself has also gone WiFi in recent months and we’re currently talking with the team there in relation to getting a WiFi network opened up for the day.

If anything – you get to hang out in a castle for the day and experience Kilkenny at a good time of the year! Keep March 8th in your diary for Creative Camp in Kilkenny.


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  3. Paul Campbell December 30, 2007 at 10:56 pm

    Oh, this sounds exciting. Definitely pencilling it in. What a venue.

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