Stage6 Shuts Its Doors On Thursday

Stage 6So Stage6 is shutting its doors or so last night’s newsletter announced. After failing to find any alternative to keep the service going “either as its own private entity or by selling it to another company”, DivX have announced the plug will be pulled on com Thursday February 28th.

Since its launch Stage6 rapidly became one of my favourite destinations for online video, not just because you could find the odd episode of Lost or Prison Break on it (if you were quick enough to find it), but because of the high quality of video delivered and the fact you could find some decent original content.

Relatively unrestricted by both length and filesize, Stage6 houses a massive range of original online shows, interviews, documentaries, old movies, foreign movies, film trailers, music videos and much more.

In terms of local use, one example of quality content to be found on Stage6 is that of ‘Vultures’, a web based sitcom produced by friends of mine at Mycrofilms, a new independent film company based in Kilkenny. Before Vultures hits iTunes and starts looking for a new home online, check out the first episode while you can by visiting the Vultures channel. If you prefer to wait, we’re also planning a screening of Vultures (running time approx 40 minutes) during lunch in one of the rooms at CreativeCamp on March 8th.

It’s just a pity the overall Stage6 service couldn’t be maintained.

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  1. sohail February 26, 2008 at 9:14 pm

    dont worry poepl i am downlaoding every video of the site!!!
    my downlaod spped is like 50mb/s!!!
    so im downlaoding evry video i cna fidn and will host it on a site names after stage6!!
    emal me on
    to give mroe links of nay videso that i have not yet foudn on stage6″”

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