Mindless Talk

Back to Business

January 4th… been back at work since yesterday in a flurry of activity around the office, time to get the blog back in shape. I’ve been losing out to one of my other blogs which I might reveal over here and here. Most people who know me know that I’m a huge fan of the…

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Mona Lisa Smile

The DaVinci code movie is just around the corner and the analysts are popping out again, this time focussing on the Mona Lisa itself – only now they’re not looking for cryptic clues. Taken from BBC news…. A computer has been used to decipher the enigmatic smile of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, concluding that…

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Spreading My Wings

Booked myself on a flight for an hour or so over Kilkenny City & County yesterday. Should provide an amazing photo opportunity. Haven’t flown anywhere in almost ten years, and at that I was among hundreds of other people on a very comfortable Boeing. This time around its gonna be me up in a small…

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Winter sickness?

The joys of winter sickness… Hot during the night.. Cold during the day… Can’t breathe…. Constant sniffing, sneezing, coughing… You just know December is around the corner!

Thought For The Day

More indepth reading and programming at 2:30am makes for a great night I tell you! But it has its rewards when you get it right. Reading back over some notes and bundled material, I came across this little quote, never having seen it or heard it before, and so I present my thought for the…

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When Will People Learn?

So this morning I was talking to the wife of the president of Togo who unforunately, as it happens, passed away a few short months ago and only went and left his wife with the horrible task of shifting $21,000,000 out of the country to invest in a business. So she hits me up… you…

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My Christmas Present

Now I’ll leave the floor open. If anyone – anyone at all – feels like donating in or around the €600 mark then, let me tell you, you’re more than welcome! Trust me, it’s going to a good home! What is that home I hear you ask? Well, after some serious debating in the evening…

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