Where art thou Zoomtags?

So some of you have heard of zoomtags and some of you have not. Basically, while currently in beta, zoomtags works in two ways and anyone familiar with del.icio.us tagging will be comfortable with the service; you get a tag cloud to place on your blog which works in a similar fashion to AdSense generating you a small revenue on a per-click basis, or you can bid for tags in their billboard model.

This has some interesting points. If you signed up pre-launch, you get 65% of the revenue generated per-click for life. So if I advertised my business at 10c a click, you would make 6.5c on every click, if you registered after the “pre-activation period” you make 50% of the revenue.

So far so good. But there’s still no sign of them, unless of course you’re in Spain where they’ve geo-targetted the service and started pumping out ads straight away. After all the hype building up to the February 6th launch (where nothing happened), we’re now told that we wait 2-3 weeks…

Originally we had planned to launch the service on February 6th, 2006, and in a way we’ve done it (we’ll explain it later), however as we explain in our blog we have engaged in several deals with major advertisers, and we feel that it will be best for all affiliates – and consequently with the advertisers as well – to wait until these deals are closed, so that when we activate the service, affiliates will have a much larger variety of tags and ads in their clouds right from the very first day, so as to form appealing tag clouds.

When are we expecting to activate the service for both, affiliates and advertisers? We believe that within two weeks (three the most) we should be able to close these deals, and the moment it happens, we will activate the service without further delay

With no action on their blog for almost 3 weeks I’m wondering where’s the service, if you tell people that it will be ready in that same 2-3 weeks? Anyone else heard anything on the matter?


  1. Michele February 22, 2006 at 7:22 pm

    Any chance of a link to their site?

  2. Pavlos February 22, 2006 at 8:49 pm

    Hah, I thought you just disliked them so you wouldn’t link. I Googled and felt lucky – so I got to check them out.. I haven’t formed an educated opinion yet, they may not be starting off on the right foot though. Lets wait and see..

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