iPod Accessories For Ken

So you get yourself an iPod and you have to get yourself a few gadgets to go along with it…

So first thing I did was buy a Peugot Partner van so I could put the iPod into it while on the road. Well, it was likely the case that the van came the week before the iPod but it sounds like a good accessory to have ;).

Seriously though, picked myself up one of the iStation 7 speaker sets, like this one, though in black. Quite happy with the purchase as well. Comes with a nice remote control feature for leaving beside the bed and beats the hell out of the clock radio when it comes to sound quality. It got a nice run out last night and was there to wake me up this morning, quite happy with the sound out of it too, powerful enough for such a small set.

Can be used as a docking station as well (takes the USB/Firewire cable you get with the iPod) and full charger which has its bonuses.

Also grabbed myself a Griffin iTrip via eBay (not that exact auction) for just over €32 all in (postage) which thankfully is being made legal through its CE mark. Can’t fault that either.

Also came across this site, iAccessorise, providing iPod accessories in the UK and Ireland. Think I’m in love with this iPod.

Now… where did I stick those KilkennyMusic.com podcasts…..? 😉

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