Sony Ericsson ‘James Bond’ handset ready

I’ve had a fairly good run with Sony Ericsson, having used a P900 for about 18 months before jumping over to my HP 6515W so its nice to check up on Sony’s new models – I would certainly have no problem moving back to them.

Nice to see too that they’re releasing the silver version of the K800, the new “James Bond” phone, as used by 007 himself in the upcoming Casino Royale movie (due out on November 17th).

The phone comes with a 2″ QVGA display, 3.2mp camera, 64mb internal memory and M2 card support as well as USB 2.0 connectivity. Unfortunately for fans of the phone, it is a limited edition so if you’re after it get your hands on it soon as its hitting the market for a three-month run before disappearing again.

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