5 Tips To Backup Your PDA

Here’s 5 tips for backing up your PDA (only two of which I actually do on a regular basis) from ComputerWorld.com.

  1. As many applications can send data to your PDA or smartphone directly, you should keep master copies of all data on your own server/computer
  2. Make new backups if you ever make any significant changes to the content of your mobile – the choice of location is yours, SD card, PC or over the network
  3. Backup to two local memory cards (one of which is always kept separate in case of loss)
  4. A lot of phones nowadays are effectively using additional memory cards for hard drive access. If this is the case with your phone then make frequent copies of your SD card content
  5. If you’re in the habit of forgetting to backup your phone – automate the backup – most mobile software packages now have automation options, as soon as you plug your phone in via cable, docking station, or your bluetooth/WiFi is detected your phone will start backing up. Only takes few minutes and can save you an awful lot of heartache down the line.

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