Booked (Blogged) For Canada

Since we started the business last July I’ve managed to take a week off work (barring a ten day break at Christmas), and during that week I was involved in producing (and acting in) a show for a new theatre company a small group of us established back in May. That said, I’ve got a few spare days this year to take so I’m booked for a week in Toronto flying out the morning of Friday November 24th and arriving back the morning of Friday December 2nd.

After spending a good week researching flights, making phone calls, waiting on phone calls I discovered that the only decent way to get to Canada – directly, and quickly – is to go out from Belfast. So the night (23rd) before the flight I’ll drive avec mon pére (more his trip away with me tagging along for the break and change of scenery) to Belfast or as close to as is permissable to catch the morning flight out. In the end we opted for Zoom Air who run direct flights to both Toronto and Vancouver, running at around €450 inclusive of flights, taxes, insurance etc. for the return trip each. Not bad considering that it was costing at least €100 more to fly out of Dublin or Cork, both offering flights with lengthy stopovers in any of London, Paris, Amsterdam or Atlanta, extending the trip anywhere up to an extra 6 hours.

The flight comes at a good time as well blogging wise. Between the few blogs in the last month (thanks in part to a 250 quid text link on The Football Times) or so I find myself less than a hundred quid off the final cost of the flights… If anyone asks I’ll just say I blogged my way to Canada (or at least part of the way there)….

All the same, can’t wait to get away and get over there. Last time I was stateside was a good ten years ago, spent a few weeks in MA between Boston/Springfield/Northampton/Florence…. gorgeous neck of the woods (Northampton/Florence).

But of course – Toronto is in Canada! Anyone ever been or can suggest anything to go check out while I’m there?

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  1. Sean October 15, 2006 at 11:13 pm

    Never been there so cant tell you where to go! But hope you have a good time! 🙂

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