Changing My Approach To Photoblogging

The first of the month has just passed and with about two hours to spare I managed to get my photo blog back in some kind of order. Not that there’s much to put in order – I’ve gone and pulled down any post that previously existed on it, somewhere around 30 odd in total.

I love photography and love my D70 more. I’ve put time and money into techniques, study, lenses and all the rest but day-to-day constraints mean that I don’t get out an awful lot to spend the time I want on photography. Christmas was the best opportunity I had for photos and came away with some fantastic shots from Sligo – all because I had the time to take the walks to plot locations to plan shots in advance.

What I do have is a half decent camera in a 3.2mp Cybershot bundled into the Sony Ericsson K800i. I’ve also started to carry my Konica Minolta dImage X60 (with a 1gb SD, bargain at the time) in my bag as well so I’ve got something handy and quick to shoot with. So thats the approach I’m taking to the photo blog. Two previous attempts to manage the blog showcased what was pretty much a back-catalog of existing works. I could trawl through 10, 20, 30,000 images in my collection, pick out a few, tweak them as I see fit and then pop them online.

But there’s no challenge in it. I’ve already got the photos, so where’s the motivation? It was the shoot over Christmas (in between my two weeks spent lying on the flat of my back coughing my lungs up) that gave me the motivation to get back into the photo blog side of things, only this time, using the tools that are already at my disposal. Some people blog their thoughts, I figure I’ll blog moments – through photographs. Snapshots, thoughts captured in image form, all at the spur of moment. No tricks, no photoshopping, no showcasing exhibition material, just down-to-earth photos of moments that grab me during the day. The push for me is to snap the photo that day and blog it the same day – its fresh when it goes live. Also a way for me to see what exactly I was up to on a particular day, sometimes when you’ve your head buried in four jobs and countless projects its a bit hard to remember!

That said, the blog is relaunched, I put a new theme together this evening and the inaugural post (take three) is live. Will likely put a little more development work into the theme over the weekend but I’m enjoying it for now….


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  2. Ken McGuire February 2, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    Its on like donkey kong!

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