To The Theatrical Entrepreneurs, My Thanks For Last Week

The cast of Heart Shaped Vinyl
The cast of Devious Theatre’s Heart Shaped Vinyl

As I mentioned before the weekend, I’ve been intermittent with the blog posts, thanks very largely in part to a hectic schedule for the past week.
Saturday night saw the curtain fall on Heart Shaped Vinyl after four consecutive sold-out nights. More amazing was the amount of people we had to turn away from the show.

While I’ve posted on some thanks on behalf of the cast and crew I’d like to step aside and thank the cast and the core off Devious Theatre, the committee. A pure bunch of professionals are John Morton, Kevin Mooney, David Thompson, Niamh Moroney and new additions Paddy Dunne and Amy Dunne, not only pure professionals but every single one a delight to work with, eat with, drink with.

I enjoyed the show last year, doing something quite new and very different for the Kilkenny scene. A year onwards and we’ve learned an awful lot. Although not having been to any of the Opencoffee mornings around the country, I would liken our Sunday morning coffees and meetings to them in the sense of being a great opportunity to chat, discuss new ideas, develop plans, forge new beginnings and most importantly to learn from one another. We each work different jobs, different times, some shift work, some study so Sunday is a great opportunity for us to meet together.

For me it has been a real learning experience. I’ve been in and out of theatre over the years, college placing some restrictions on me which I’m trying to make up for but since the formation of the group it has been non-stop work on the theatre. There’s no pay involved but yes, we were privileged to receive some arts funding this year to help with the mammoth cost (looking at a potential five figure sum for our summer programme). 4,000 Euro is a drop in the ocean to larger companies but its a pot of gold to us and we’ll be using it to part finance the development of Cannibal! The Musical, rehearsals of which commence tomorrow (Tuesday).

I see us as theatrical entrepreneurs. Developing new ideas, committing our time, resources, energy – no fear of taking the risk to pull off daring shows. We’ve got the budgeting down too, using the best of our connections, knowledge from studies and jobs and every free resources thats going. Everyone has a role and the jobs all get done. This last week it certainly paid off.

With all that said, I want to reiterate my thanks to the bunch that meet on Sunday mornings, without who The Devious Theatre Company would not be standing. May we continue to be as daring and long may we continue to stuff ourselves stupid in The Coffee Club on Sunday mornings. The long hours, sleepless nights and my now completely shot voice and horrendous lack of energy were soooo worth it.


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