The End Product Of A Theatrical Production Line

Cannibal! The Musical! which opens tonight is the latest end product off what has been a long production line running for The Devious Theatre Company of whom I am ‘Technical Director’. Where we have made efforts to make our job titles and job descriptions within the group quite refined and specific, when it all boils down to it you are the jack of all trades, similar I reckon in running any organisation where you’re a startup figure.

I’m on a week’s holiday from the office to concentrate on one of my other ventures and loves, the afore mentioned Devious Theatre Company which was established between myself and three others almost 18 months ago. In that period we’ve produced three shows, sold the rights to one, have become an arts-funded theatre group and have been able to drum up attention for ourselves in the local, regional and national press as well as regional airwaves (South East) thanks largely in part to our production of Trey Parker’s Cannibal! The Musical!

Opening tonight in the Watergate Theatre Kilkenny (and running until Saturday) means that myself and the rest of the DTC committee (or board) have been working quite literally around the clock to get the show to the a good state of readiness for tonight. EPKs were issued again on Monday, I did a radio interview with Beat 102-103 Monday evening which ran on the hour yesterday, props made and finished, set constructed and painting, lighting set – I spent the bulk of yesterday with the crew (great how all of these ventures have a connection to one another) organising the sound setup in the Watergate Theatre – programmes are being collected today, final touches being put to costumes, batteries replaced or charged for radio mics, front of house team organised, extra makeup being bought…. as I said – you are the jack of all trades. Well, we are the jack of all trades as no matter what our job title for the group, we’re doing it all…

Of course, its keeping me away from the blog for the bulk of the week as I’m sure as hell going to enjoy an extra hour or two in bed tomorrow morning. There’s a victory pint due in Cleere’s Theatre I’d say around 10:40 tonight (gives time to get out of makeup, costume, make notes ahead of tomorrow’s call) – victory at least in the sense that after 9 months of preproduction we’ve reached the opening night of one very large (and expensive) show and that much in itself for the core of us at DTC is a crowning achievement.

Right now, I’m off to collect some of the cast, make tracks for KCLR for an in-studio appearance around 11am. Streaming is available online at (just beneath the ‘Under Construction’ sign). I will say though, the Twitter and Jaiku delivery via SMS is keeping me up-to-date with all the goings on. Might find the time to make a few tweets during the interval tonight 🙂


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  2. John August 27, 2007 at 9:34 am

    Just want to add my congratulations to you Ken and the Devious Theatre Company on a superb production.
    Gutbustingly funny and infinitely entertaining. I loved it.

    I’m sure the rave reviews will be flooding in over the course of the week. Give yourself an oul’ pat on the back there bud.

  3. Roisin McQuillan August 27, 2007 at 4:13 pm

    Haven’t laughed so much for such a long time. The lyrics and script were hilarious, and performed with such energy and enthusiasm that all the audience was affected. Couldn’t get to go a second time, but will definitely go when you’re on tour. Keep us up to date with any plans on that front.

    Fantastically well done!

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