Regaining A Sense Of Normality, Reviews To Come

Half twelve at night, I’ve a house to be tidying and I’m finding myself overly distracted by twitter, jaiku, bebo and God knows what else on the internet. Must mean I’m regaining a sense of normality.

Back to the office tomorrow after slogging it out in the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny, this past week for Cannibal! The Musical. Judging by the estimated crowd numbers we’ve gone down well in Kilkenny – judging by feedback from those in attendance we’ve gone down ridiculously well in Kilkenny. Next thing is to find about 30,000 euro and take this baby of ours on tour in 2008 – any takers?

So much buzzing around my head for this past week, so much to do and write about having almost cut myself off completely from the online world, barring my Nokia E50 which was picking up Twitter / Jaiku SMS deliveries for the week. Note to self… don’t let the phone die out. I lost it for the bulk of one of the days this week (lost the use of it that is for not having one of the newer Nokia chargers in the theatre) and of course this resulted in a seriously scatty delivered of messages from Twitter which confused the hell out of me where I’d been monitoring certain discussions.

That said.. there’ll be a few reviews on the table, now that I’ve also added in the LouderVoice review plugin to WordPress (which drives and all my other blogs).

These come in the form of

  • Nokia E50 – purchased around ten days ago or so with the intention of allowing me follow twitter / jaiku and divide GPRS use away from main mobile.
  • Nintendo Wii, which I’ve treated myself to after Cannibal! (no, not with theatre profits, more with cheering up and wanting to experience more interactive gaming).

and likely more besides.

Reality sinks in hitting the road to Waterford tomorrow morning bright and early before getting back to the office for around 10:30am to fight my way through a week’s worth of emails.

I sure will miss the show though….


  1. Tom Raftery August 28, 2007 at 6:24 pm

    Congrats on the show Ken – good luck with the email!

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